Confused about confusion?

Okay! So getting back on writing after so long with a thought in my mind that why sometimes, I feel so confused! Is it only me who feels like this or there are others too?

Hello everyone! In today’s blog, I would be talking about our confused mind who sometimes get so confused that we end up being no where. We do not reach to a conclusion or the answers we are looking for!

But, Is it a good thing? Is it necessary for our mind to be confused? Can’t we be normal like others who don’t have doubts, who can simply take things as it is? Why do we need to question about something? Lot many questions to answer! Right?

So, I would like to start from the start. Yes! It’s the best thing when you and your mind gets confused. This is because we start to think in a different way other than its actual meaning. Our mind processes the information and creates an imaginary idea about the original concept. This is the time when our mind works even faster.

Curiousity creates confusion. The more curious you are, about the life, the more confused you will be. This is how human brain functions! And that’s great thing to have because the urge to remove that confusion will let you be one step closer to enhance your knowledge, to see things more profoundly, to understand life and things related to life in a better way.

We as a human being, often start judging ourselves with the society standards (which is designed by the people like us)

We are always afraid of being misjudged and that’s why most of us do not prefer to take a stand for our curious self and ask or clarify our doubts/confusion as it will make us less “cool”. But, trust me, the world is not that smart as much as you have thought so far! People hide there unsecured ego, and less competent thought process with a cover of ” I know everything” attitude. This clearly shows how blocked mind and thought process they have.

Let’s see it like this: If you will keep crabs together in an open container, you don’t have to worry about their escape as they will never let eachother out from that. It’s there basic nature to put others down. Human behaves in similar manner. Breaking the social barrier and satisfying your curious mind may get you many tags like : dumb/over smart/Stupid and what not! They will try to put you down if you will try to do something different from the usual things. It’s up to you how you deal with it. More than that it’s important what you choose!

That’s it for today. I will get back to you super soon. Till then…

Be a happy heart and have a smiley face

Published by Shweta Singh

||MBA graduate||Creative thinker|| Content creator|| Happy heart, smiley face||

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